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COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness Health, Safety and Claims Management Course

The programme aims at equipping managers to protect employees, suppliers and customers by providing critical information in order to successfully manage COVID-19 within the work environment.


After the initial lockdown period, as part of South Africa’s risk adjusted strategy for economic activity, some employers would be allowed to reopen their businesses from the 1st of May 2020.

One of the critical requirements during the pandemic will be to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. This course was compiled to assist employers in this regard. It will provide attendees with critical information in order to manage COVID-19 effectively within their particular work environment.

Course Objectives

The course will cover:

  • Background and scope of guidance and important information on COVID-19 
  • Government policies and directives 
  • Health and safety legislation pertaining to COVID-19 
  • COVID-19 employer, employee and third-party obligations 
  • How to conduct a COVID-19 HIRA 
  • Processing of COVID-19 claims 
  • COVID-19 Communication 
  • Health and safety representatives and committees 
  • Reporting, recording and investigation of COVID-19 related cases 

How will this Training Course be Presented?

2 Day Interactive Online Course

This online training course will utilise a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, and retention of the information presented. 

08:30 - 09:00 Welcome, Setup, Registration
09:00 – 10:30 First Session
10:30 – 11:00 Break (30 mins)
11:00 – 12:30 Second Session
12:30 – 13:00 Break (30 mins)
13:00 – 14:30 Third Session

Who is this Training Course for?

The programme will be useful for managers at all levels including:

  • The CEO's and Managing Directors

  • Section 16(2) appointees - Directors

  • Health and Safety Practitioners

  • Compliance officers and Security Officers

  • Human Recourse Managers

  • Engineers

  • Managers and Supervisors

  • Union Representatives

  • Health and Safety Representatives and Committee Members

The Course Content

Module 1: Background and scope of guidance

  • Introduction, background and information to COVID-19


Module 2: Health and safety legislation pertaining to COVID-19

  • Overview of the health and safety legislation

  • Latest notices, statues and directives pertaining to COVID-19


Module 3: COVID-19 employer, employee and third-party obligations

  • Health and safety statues governing workplaces in relation to COVID-19

  • The responsibilities of employers towards employees and other persons (third parties)

  • Responsibilities of Employees

  • COVID-19 classification

  • Monitoring exposure at workplace

  • Medical surveillance          

  • Consolidated COVID-19 Direction on Health and Safety in the Workplace issued by the Minister in terms of Regulation 10(8) of the National Disaster Regulations (4th of June 2020)

  • Symptom monitoring and management

  • Guidance note for workplaces in the event of identification of a COVID-19 positive employee

  • Reporting authorities and emergency contact details, hospitals and centres of disease control - COVID-19


Module 4: Preparing the workplace for COVID-19

  • South Africa’s risk adjusted strategy for economic activity related prescriptions (required legal appointments and duties as per Disaster Management Regulations)

  • Guidance on vulnerable employees and workplace accommodation in relation to COVID-19

  • Prevention measures for all staff and others (3rd parties) that enter the premises

  • Prepare to implement basic infection prevention measures

  • Develop policies and procedures for prompt identification and isolation of sick people, if appropriate

  • How to help prevent spread of respiratory infections including COVID-19

  • Environmental cleaning

  • Cleaning offices and public spaces where there are suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19

  • Advice on travel and meetings; handling post, packages or food from affected areas, COVID-19 and food safety


Module 5: Conducting a COVID-19 HIRA

  • HIRA and Sectoral guidelines

  • Risk Assessment for vulnerable employees and workplace accommodation in relation to COVID-19

  • Performing a COVID-19 risk assessment (HIRA)


Module 6: Processing of COVID-19 Claims

  • Aim and objective of the COIDA

  • Compensation Fund and licences

  • Protection of employers against claims from employees and dependants

  • Categories of persons are entitled to compensation

  • Employer, employees and dependants

  • Criteria and diagnosis for occupational diseases - COVID-19

  • Benefits, claims procedure, documentation and submissions of COVID-19 claims


Module 7: COVID-19 Communication and Training

  • Informing employees of COVID 19 related information

  • Lines for COVID 19 communication

  • Preparing Communications Strategies

  • What to communicate to employees?

  • Providing training and information to management and employees (including links to recourse)


Module 8: The role of health and safety representatives and committees in the management of COVID-19

  • Role of health and safety representatives

  • Role of the health and safety committee


Module 9: Reporting, recording and investigation of COVID-19 related cases

  • Reporting of occupational injuries and diseases to the employer

  • Reporting of occupational diseases to the authorities

  • Record keeping requirements

  • Prescribed Investigation for COVID-19 incidents


Module 10: Action Checklist: Prevention and Mitigation of COVID-19 at Work

  • List of requirements for visits from Department of Employer and Labour.

  • Action checklist for the prevention and mitigation of COVID-19 at Work

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This intensive 10-day training course is designed to assist contracts and procurement professionals understand and deal with the increasing complexity of commercial and business relationships.

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The Complete Course on Purchasing & Inventory Management

This intensive 10-day training course covers the skills required to lead procurement and inventory teams to world class performance by running organizations leaner, effectively and efficiently.

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This highly participative training course will help you to develop your leadership skills to lead others in times of pressure, stress and crisis.

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The Complete Course on Management & Leadership

This intensive 10-day training course gives a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of management and leadership. It builds on the tenet that good management is the foundation of organisational success and progresses to consider the transitional skills and competencies that make great leaders.

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Leading & Managing through Strategic Planning & Innovation

In this comprehensive two week training course, both strategic leaders and first line professionals will participate in how to develop, implement and structure the changes necessary to make a new strategy, vision or mission work effectively in today’s dynamic climate.

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Administration and Office Management: Best Practices and Technologies

This course tackles all these behavioral skills while focusing on areas related to the use of technology to get things done effectively and successfully.

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The Certified Executive Secretaries and PA's Master Class

Receive one of the following Acer, HP or Lenovo Laptop, N$5000 Shopping voucher, Samsung Tab 9,6 inch upon attendance.

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Corporate Governance & Risk Management for State & Public Sector Organisations

This training course will equip the board of directors, senior executives’ managers and head of departments to effectively discharge their staff and collective governance roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, and lead the organization to mitigate their risk and ensure the success and sustainability through governance excellence and efficient risk management.

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Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies and Best Practices

This course covers the reasons why governance fails and how to avoid that and improve it. It also includes discussions about board structure, committees, their functions and duties, like the audit committee and the nomination and remuneration committees.

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Advanced Enterprise Risk Management

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Fraud Investigators Course

This ICL training course is aimed at all new or established investigators and has been devised in order to provide an initial introduction into the investigation of fraud within that industry and provides an understanding of practices and procedures when reporting offences of fraud.

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Investment Fund Operations & Administration

Investment Fund Operations & Administration is a highly practical three-day course designed to give you a thorough working knowledge of how unit trusts, mutual funds, pensions funds and hedge funds are constructed, invested, managed and administered.

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Effective Audit Committees

This course will explore the fundamentals of the role of the Audit Committee and the nature and essential qualities of its members, particularly the Audit Committee Chairman. The course will cover the relationships with all key stakeholders and will examine all the key information flows and decision processes.

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Corporate Governance in Africa

This practical Corporate Governance training programme examines current best practice in all aspects of corporate governance, from the new role of board committees and directors' responsibilities and powers, to best implementation of governance in day-to-day activities.

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Strategy & Leadership for CFO's and Senior Finance Executives

The Strategy & Leadership for CFO's and Senior Finance Executives Programme will enhance your ability to lead whilst giving you the wider business expertise required of today’s high-performing CFOs.

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Advanced Minutes Taking And Report Writing Skills

Business writing skills to communicate, effectively, build healthy business relationships and become more productive. Aligned to US. No. 12153 – Use the business writing process combined with Speed Writing to compose minutes and professional texts required in the business environment

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Advanced Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills

This course provides technical professionals with the written communication skills to structure and write effective reports confidently, competently and persuasively.

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Estimating, Costing & Pricing of Construction Tenders

This course will look at the definition, importance and uses of estimating, costing and pricing. We will cover the contextual framework, general principles and measurement when it comes to the process of tenders. Quantity estimating, client costing, tenderer pricing and contract completion also forms a major part of this specific topic and will be covered in detail

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Construction Site Management & Supervision

This course introduces the practical tools to control the cost and as well the time during the project. Moreover, the final cost and time for the project can be predicted based on the rates of achieving and the consumed money at any time of the project.

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FIDIC Contracts Management: Practical Use of FIDIC Contracts

This course is designed to provide practical guidance to those involved in the management or administration of projects where use of FIDIC forms of contracts is required.

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FIDIC Claims: Management of Claims and Resolution of Disputes

The course is designed to provide participants with a professional understanding of the responsibilities and rights of the Parties under a FIDIC Contract and the procedures to manage claims, where the resolution of claims will be achieved more successfully.

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[Advanced Level] Asset Lifecycle and Lifecycle Cost Management

This accredited training course can be presented in South Africa or Africa by one of our our qualified and experienced facilitators.

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[Intermediate Level] Asset Management: A Reliability Centered Approach

This course provides intensive coverage of the principles and framework of Asset Management and how to facilitate pro-active management and control of asset life events in terms of organizational strategy.

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Maintenance Management Best Practices

This comprehensive 3-day training course has been designed to benefit both qualified new professionals as well as experienced professionals who might need to refresh their skills. It covers all the fundamentals of Maintenance Management that a suitably qualified professional would be expected to carry out during his duty starting with the first steps and building up in a stair case fashion to a fully functional maintenance organisation.

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Lean Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

This training course is packed with the insights and the powerful techniques of successful maintenance planning and scheduling for high equipment reliability. The comprehensive content introduces you to best practice maintenance planning and scheduling systems and explains how to produce great task productivity and maintenance work quality.

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Effective Preventive Maintenance

Discover the current leading-edge and the best classic strategies that make equipment run stoppage-free for longer; produce at maximum sustainable capacity with first-pass quality throughput, and make industrial operations highly profitable.

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Reliability Centered Maintenance

The real focus of the course is on the useful techniques of reliability engineering used every day to improve operating and production performance through lower maintenance costs, less downtime, fewer equipment failures and higher production output.

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Machine Risk Assessment and Control

EQUIPMENT CRITICALITY AND EQUIPMENT RISK ASSESSMENT. Developing an Equipment Risk Profile is known as Equipment Criticality. It uses the risk formula to identify the business financial impact if an equipment failure was to happen – it is a risk rating indicator.

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Root Cause Failure Analysis

This course is about dealing with failures after they have occurred in a manner that enables us to determine which failures are significant in terms of their impact and how to analyse them to determine their the root causes and eliminate them.

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Managing Efficient Shutdowns & Turnarounds

This course provides a complete step-by-step guide for managing shut­downs and turnarounds in process plants. It covers all phases of shutdowns and turnarounds, including initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.

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Compressor Operation, Maintenance and Fault Finding Techniques

The focus of this practical Program is based on Safety as well as Maintaining of compressors and fault finding procedures to save time. Lubrication strategies, Maintenance strategies; understanding compressors and basic pneumatic safety.

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Fundamentals Of Hydraulics & Pneumatics Training Course

The Fundamental Hydraulic & Pneumatic course is designed to equip delegates with the basic foundation knowledge and building blocks that underpin all hydraulic pneumatic systems.

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Advanced Hydraulics Training Course - Best practice in Hydraulic Theory & Applications

This course is also recommended for plant engineering personnel who are tasked with hydraulic system improvement, system modification and system design.

More Information
Fundamentals of Pneumatics Training Course

This course provides a comprehensive overview of pneumatic power and the elements that allow a pneumatic system to perform work.

More Information
Migration from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001

We have developed a training course to support organisations in their migration from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001.

More Information
Developing Multi-Skilled Supervisors

Through this course, delegates are introduced to the concepts needed for leading a team and raising the technical, engineering, maintenance, production, logistics and quality team management standards.

More Information
Shop Steward Training

The purpose of this course is to understand the role and function as a Shop Steward and to facilitate good relationship between management and unions to ensure sound labour relations.

More Information
Road Construction, Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Storm Water Drainage Training

This highly interactive three-day course will provide participants with the necessary information on planning, managing investigation works prior to commencement of major site works in road construction and maintenance.

More Information
Quick Changeover: 2 Day Course Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

Quick Changeover, sometimes referred to as Setup Reduction or SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die), eliminates or reduces non-value added activities in the setup and teardown processes of manufacturing, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently change from one product to another.

More Information
Practical Slurry Pump Maintenance Improvement

This course is specific to the customer needs and must be done on site where the slurry pumps are working. The facilitator will work with the delegates as an analytical and objective team.

More Information
Environmental Health & Safety Risk Management (EHS)

Within many organizations, some elements of EHS management are already in place, such as policy and risk assessment records, but other aspects need to be developed. It is important that all the elements described here are incorporated into the EHS management system.

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Advanced Accident Investigation and Reporting

Attendance on this training course will provide you with the confidence and necessary professionalism to enable a thorough Accident Investigation as soon as practicable after the event.

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Health and Safety Representatives Training

The scope of this course is Unit Standard aligned and additionally include practices which focus on development of cognitive skills to ensure the health and safety of all business resources. Detailed health and safety principles will be addressed during this course, in order to achieve this goal.

More Information
Successful Fleet and Transport Management

Transportation activities can account for over 70% of organizational supply chain costs. Thus, it is vital that an organization gets the transportation function right, whether its ambition is to meet personnel mobility needs or to execute the delivery of goods and materials.

More Information
Effective Inventory Planning and Stock Control

Knowledge of Inventory Management is critical for the effective management of procurement and the supply chain, however Inventory it is commonly not understood. Therefore too high levels of inventory are held with attendant increases to costs, product obsolescence etc.

More Information
PFMA Supply Chain Management Bid Committees

The PFMA Supply Chain Management Bid Committees short course provides you with the skills and tools needed to operationalise the legislative requirements – as stipulated in the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA)

More Information
The Complete Course on Facilities Management

The course is designed to develop delegate’s skills in managing facility staff and corporate assets while minimizing risk exposure in the workplace.

More Information
Project Management Essentials

This essential training course is designed to present the basics of project management with a focus on understanding project management terms, project selection, planning, estimating, scheduling, and earned value management.

More Information
Microsoft® Project 2016: Advanced

This course is tailored for experienced users of Microsoft Project, wanting to consolidate their grasp of planning and tracking, and to explore the advanced features of the software.

More Information
Microsoft® Project 2016: Basic to Intermediate

This course covers the critical knowledge and skills a project manager needs to create a project plan with Project 2016 during the planning phase of a project.

More Information
5 Day Implementing Cost Saving Projects

This Cost Saving Projects Practical course is designed for supervisors; managers and engineers. They are ultimately responsible and accountable for failure and deviation costs. They must investigate process errors including poor performance, low targets and other people issues. They need to identify; quantify; qualify and implement cost saving projects.

More Information
The Outstanding Receptionist & Office Administrator

This course has been developed specifically to equip receptionists and office admin staff with all the essential skills to better manage the workloads and activity profiles that form the engine-room of efficient organizations.

More Information
Leading Virtual Teams - Online Snippet

ICL’s online snippet is a short 1.5 hour webinar delivered by one of our subject matter experts.

More Information
Supply Chain Management in a Post Lockdown Environment

ICL’s online snippet is a short 1 hour webinar delivered by one of our subject matter experts.

More Information
Managing Your Project During Crisis - Online Snippet

ICL’s online snippet is a short 1.5 hour webinar delivered by one of our subject matter experts.

More Information
Motivating Employees in Times of Crisis - Online Snippet

ICL’s online snippet is a short 1.5 hour webinar delivered by one of our subject matter experts.

More Information
Planning, Organising & Controlling Projects

This online training seminar is designed to equip those involved in project work with the essential skills needed to fulfill their responsibilities in a professional way. The concepts, methods and techniques presented include both well established and latest thinking to provide the essential knowledge, skills, and toolkit to ensure more successful project outcomes.

More Information
Effective Project Coordination & Management in an Uncertain World

In this online course, we aim to look at a number of advanced concepts in Project Management, Leadership and Risk Management that will enable you to deal with the ever-changing business context and ever moving project goal posts.

More Information
Virtual Leadership Skills & Managing a Digital Workforce

Achieving Excellence with Virtual and Dispersed Teams

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Strategies for Leading Successful Change Initiative

This ‘Leading Successful Change’ training course helps leaders develop the practical skills they need to bring about lasting change with minimum disruption to operations. It provides them with specific guidance and the opportunity to work with a host of practical tools for implementing and embedding change.

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The Complete Course on Project Management

This training course explores the very foundations of how projects are different to the operational world, but an absolute necessity when it comes to changing the operational world. You will discover how the very best practice management techniques are used to take a project through a project lifecycle, from Inception, through Definition, Execution, Monitoring and Control to Closure.

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Labour Relations & Labour Law Management

This course looks at the role of managers and employee representatives, and how they can nurture trust-based relationships within the organisation and generate a positive work culture which improves the overall productivity and output of a business, as well as benefiting the employee’s personal well-being even when conflict arises.

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Time Management

Three Days to Turbo-Boost your Time and Task Management

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Microsoft Power BI Desktop Training

The main purpose of the course is to give delegates a good understanding the power of Power BI to develop dashboards using large data sets.

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