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Compressor Operation, Maintenance and Fault Finding Techniques

The focus of this practical Program is based on Safety as well as Maintaining of compressors and fault finding procedures to save time. Lubrication strategies, Maintenance strategies; understanding compressors and basic pneumatic safety.


Compressor failures can cause significant problems from delays in production to the possible shutdown of the whole plant. However, good compressor operation and maintenance can cost-effectively maximise compressor life expectancy; while improving its reliability and availability to meet output requirement.
Managers and Risk Managers as well as Supervisors, Safety Managers, Safety Officers and Maintenance Foreman and personnel will benefit from this course. The focus of this practical Program is based on Safety as well as Maintaining of compressors and fault finding procedures  to save time. Lubrication strategies, Maintenance strategies; understanding compressors and basic pneumatic safety.

The course also includes an overview of safe work practices for pneumatics.

Course Objectives

This specialized workshop has been designed for all people involved in compressors; namely a general worker up to the supervisor and their managers who are working in the area where compressors and high pressure machines are used.
It is also very important for the Safety/ Risk managers, safety officers and safety reps that are always there when major shut downs and breakdowns takes place on the compressors and pneumatics. OHS Act and ISO 14001 have become absolutely critical issues.
The outcome of this workshop is the improvement of awareness and operational issues; as mentioned starting from the operator right up to any of the various management disciplines who wants to update their knowledge and skills and position them to add to the success of the organization as well as a perfect safety record. Compressor uptime is precious and critical in the production output and profitability of the organisation.
This course aims to provide you with:

  • A very practical, interactive, experiential learning experience
  • A clear methodology applicable to all relevant organisations Industry standard terminology and content Rich content and solutions to site-specific issues Interactive discussions.

Who is this Training Course for?

This Improving Compressor Maintenance course is designed for the following types of professionals:

  •  Maintenance Managers/Superintendents who are accountable for poor output or incidents and accidents. Accountability is on their shoulders at the end of the day.
  • Safety/Risk Managers who need to do FMEA and teach supervisors to do risk assessment before starting. Compressors are dangerous; and safety is the first priority.
  • Shift Boss/ Shift Supervisors and Quality Controllers who are directly involved in the compressor working area. They are the eyes and ears on grass roots level.
  • Foreman; they are the job specialist where all the "action" takes place.
  • Maintenance apprentices and artisans, especially electricians and fitters; who are tasked for quick repairs in order to save on valuable production flow.
  • Safety Officers and any person that can help improve the OEE; availability and stable production.
  • Operators and helpers; who are the last person to work with the product before it reaches the customer; if they fail the image of the organisation is tarnished and customer confidence decrease.

The Course Content

Course Summary
This course provides delegates with an understanding of the following:

  •  Evaluating and augmenting the efficiency of compressor operation resulting in reduced energy consumption Improving the knowledge of best practices and troubleshooting techniques to avoid and mitigate compressor failures 
  • Defining the technical features and vulnerabilities of dynamic and positive displacement compressors Identifying the criteria that can assist in cost-effective compressor selection 
  • Using appropriate maintenance technologies to maximize compressor reliability and availability 
  • Benchmarking compressor performance against industry standards
  • Using appropriate maintenance technologies to maximize compressor reliability and availability 

Full Course Outline available in brochure.  Contact our sales team and we will send you all the details you require.

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