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Covid-19 and Force Majeure: Managing Contract Performance during the Crisis

ICL’s online snippet is a short 1.5 hour webinar delivered by one of our subject matter experts.


What is the Impact of the Pandemic on Contract Performance, and How Can We Manage our Contractors in this Environment?


The COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak has turned into an extraordinary global crisis, causing distress and chaos in many parts of life. The disease itself - and the dramatic measures that governments around the world have taken to get the pandemic under control – are unprecedented. 

One particular field affected is in the world of commercial contracts. Contract Performance â€“ whether in construction, service delivery or many other areas, has become very difficult or even impossible. The disease is causing large numbers of people to self-isolate. Companies are laying off staff. Governments are locking down their economies, restricting or preventing the operation of businesses, the provision of transport and access to premises.

In this one-hour webinar, ICL Senior Consultant, Nic Gildenhuys, will examine how companies should respond when their suppliers seek the protection of the doctrine of Force Majeure to excuse their contractual non-performance – or when they themselves are challenged to perform their own contract obligations as a result of the pandemic.

This webinar will feature:

  • What is Force majeure as a contractual concept?
  • How does Covid-19 fit into the contract performance picture?
  • How can a contracting entity be protected by force majeure from the consequences of failing to perform his contractual obligations?
  • How can a contracting party resist a claim for force majeure from his contractors?
  • Practical guidance on preparing contracts in ‘life after the pandemic’

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